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Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

My first experience at Bergdorf Goodman was with my mom while I was still in college. I spent a lot of time wandering Fifth Avenue as a broke college kid — I loved walking through the classic department stores and boutiques, dreaming of a day when I might be able to afford to shop there.

bergdorfholiday2012Image via Flickr

For some reason, I had never visited Bergdorf’s. It seemed almost too exclusive, tucked at the edge of Central Park with windows that always looked like a fashion girl’s acid trip — incredible gowns, sparkling jewelry, and objet d’art shoes set against over-the-top backdrops that usually include wild animals or forests made out of intricately cut paper.

My mom, a former department store fashion buyer, couldn’t believe I’d never set foot in the place and so we went. The building is just as classic as Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdale’s, but when you walk through the door, it just has a different feeling. Instead of the usual hustle of cosmetics counters and pushy salespeople, Bergdorf’s ground floor is quiet and filled with the most beautiful handbags and accessories that you could ask for. The atmosphere is insider-y and undeniably elegant.

I have to admit that I still feel like a bit of an outsider at Bergdorf’s. I don’t live the same kind of life as the women buying up the extensive selection of studded Valentino heels and classic Chanel ballet flats on a Saturday afternoon; but it’s still fun to stop by and dream!

victoria-roberts-i-want-my-ashes-scattered-over-bergdorf-s-new-yorker-cartoonImage via Conde Nast

Next month, a documentary called Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s (named after the famous 1990 New Yorker cartoon seen above) will be released, giving us an insider look at the store and the people who make it one of the most fantastic shopping destinations in the world. I’m really looking forward to seeing this one, preferably with one of my best partners in (shopping) crime! Take a look at the trailer below — what do you think?


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Film Inspiration: Pierrot le Fou

Like any good Francophile, I enjoy a classic Godard film once in a while. Last weekend I curled up to watch Pierrot le Fou, the story of a man who leaves his wife to run away with a former fling. Of course, things get complicated when she turns out to be living life on the run, smuggling weapons and committing murders… but who doesn’t like a bit of adventure?

Marianne, played by the lovely Anna Karina, sure does have great style for someone on the run. I found it amusing while I was watching the movie (which was released in 1965) that her entire wardrobe could still easily be worn today without looking like you were in a time warp! Here are a few pieces that you can use to get her look:

Bright Bottoms: This bright blue pair of cropped jeans would look great with a plain white t-shirt and a necklace — or style it à la Marianne with a captain’s hat if you’re feeling ambitious!

Ladylike Pastels: A pretty pink slip dress with a soft, light blue cardigan is the perfect way to look inconspicuous. Just don’t forget to wear flats in case you have to climb down a drainpipe!

Menswear Separates: A perfectly tailored pair of dark red plaid pants paired with an army green jacket creates a look that’s equally chic and tough.


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Film Inspiration: Funny Face

I recently renewed my subscription to Netflix and in order to make my monthly fee totally worth it, I’m watching pretty much every movie that I’ve ever thought about watching. Right now, I’m on an Audrey Hepburn kick since I haven’t seen most of her films. On tonight’s agenda was Funny Face, in which Ms. Hepburn played a New York City intellectual who gets swept up into the world of fashion after she’s promised a trip to Paris (where she hopes to meet a famous philosopher) in exchange for modeling.

The film itself isn’t terribly compelling (especially as her character decides that fashion actually is better than upholding her philosophical beliefs, after all! Oh, brother.) but you can’t beat Audrey in cool, beatnik-style clothing and Fred Astaire being, well, Fred Astaire.

Here is a video of my favorite music sequence in the entire film, mainly because it contains a large number of occurrences that would never happen in real life. Such as: People singing and dancing on arrival in Paris instead of passing out from jet lag, a fashion magazine editor acting as if she hadn’t been to Paris a million times before, Parisians shaking hands and greeting tourists (hah!), and our happy trio proudly announcing that they are tourists. But how can you not love Audrey’s cropped black pants and her anorak?

I love this anorak by Aqua for a similar look!

Aqua at ShopStyle


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