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Time to Breathe

This past weekend I went on my first-ever yoga retreat with my favorite instructor and a group of really awesome people, including my mom. After a really busy October (as evidenced by my lack of posting), it was the perfect way for me to let go a little and ease into the holiday season — yeah, I know it’s the beginning of November but the season will be quickly upon us!

The retreat house we stayed in (above) was so cozy and nice. We spent a lot of time hanging out together in the kitchen preparing vegan meals and we even built a good old-fashioned fire in the fireplace on Saturday evening!

There were lots of neat little window seats and nooks to hang out in, and the house boasted some seriously charming old mirrors and stained-glass windows too!

I don’t remember the last time that I was so unaware (or so indifferent) of what time it was during the day! There was nothing to plan for or to schedule other than our yoga sessions, so frankly the time didn’t matter at all. It was so relaxing! I also made a lot of progress in my personal yoga practice (watch out, inversions! I’m conquering you one-by-one!) and just felt so chilled out by the end of the weekend that I didn’t really want to go home! Amazing what happens when you take a few days to remember what it’s like to breathe.


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