Film Inspiration: Pierrot le Fou

Like any good Francophile, I enjoy a classic Godard film once in a while. Last weekend I curled up to watch Pierrot le Fou, the story of a man who leaves his wife to run away with a former fling. Of course, things get complicated when she turns out to be living life on the run, smuggling weapons and committing murders… but who doesn’t like a bit of adventure?

Marianne, played by the lovely Anna Karina, sure does have great style for someone on the run. I found it amusing while I was watching the movie (which was released in 1965) that her entire wardrobe could still easily be worn today without looking like you were in a time warp! Here are a few pieces that you can use to get her look:

Bright Bottoms: This bright blue pair of cropped jeans would look great with a plain white t-shirt and a necklace — or style it à la Marianne with a captain’s hat if you’re feeling ambitious!

Ladylike Pastels: A pretty pink slip dress with a soft, light blue cardigan is the perfect way to look inconspicuous. Just don’t forget to wear flats in case you have to climb down a drainpipe!

Menswear Separates: A perfectly tailored pair of dark red plaid pants paired with an army green jacket creates a look that’s equally chic and tough.



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  1. Pierrot Le Fou made my friend’s list of must see French films. There are several other stylish ones on the list. It makes me want to up my game.

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