Winter Blues

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Once the warm glow of the holidays has faded away, we’re left with the months of the year that I dread most: January and February! The weather gets colder, the days can be bleak and overcast, and all I can think about is how badly I want Spring to arrive. It can get to the point where it really bums me out to be indoors all the time, and I know I’m not alone there. Of course, there’s no magic way to just skip over this part of the year, but here are a few of my suggestions for making the most of it!

Keep Moving — When I wake up and it’s still pitch black outside (and cold!), the last thing I want to do is jump out of bed and hit the gym. Ditto for when I leave the office at 6 and it’s been dark since 4:30. Do yourself a favor and figure out a way to keep exercising, even if that means you buy a workout DVD to do at home when you just can’t bear the thought of hoofing it to the gym. The endorphins you’ll get from a good workout will naturally put you in a better mood!

Lean on a Friend — During the warmer months, we’re more inclined to go out for drinks after work, pop by a friend’s apartment for a visit, or go out on a Saturday night. But when the cold sets in, a lot of people go into hibernation mode and the social calendar tends to slow down. Make an effort to do something once a week with a friend, despite the cold weather. See a movie, go to the gym together, or grab a drink (even if it’s just polishing off a bottle of wine at your place). It will keep you from getting too lonely and give you something to look forward to!

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Enjoy Some Downtime — Catch up on a favorite TV series, read that book that you’ve been meaning to read, work on a project that keeps getting pushed to the side, or just spend some extra time on the couch snuggled up with your #1 (person, pet, sappy movie… doesn’t matter!). Learn to balance your social time with some breathing time.

Plan Your Spring Wardrobe — As soon as the post-holiday sales wind down, the Spring merchandise starts hitting the shelves full-force. It can be tough to think about leg-baring skirts and peep-toe sandals when it’s freezing outside, but giving your closet a thorough clean out and mapping out your spring wardrobe will make you feel prepared as soon as the temperature rises!


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