Another holiday season and another year have come and gone! Tomorrow will be a “back to reality” day for me after enjoying more than a week of Christmas celebrations and downtime with family — wish me luck!

I’m not much of a resolutions-maker, since I tend to forget about them at the first temptation (skip the gym tonight to meet a friend for a drink? Sure, why not?). So this year, instead of setting a goal to go to the gym 5 times a week or start (and finish) a new sewing project every month, I’m going to aim to experience 2013 with my feet off the ground a little more often instead of always relying on the tried-and-true pathways that we all default to. Maybe that will mean being more open to experimenting with our weekly dinner menu, or something bigger like trying to launch a business (more on that later!). Either way, I’m looking forward to this fresh new year and everything it has to bring. Happy New Year!



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