Weathering the Storm

A peek into the (closed) entrance to Central Park at the end of my street

Well, it has certainly been an interesting few days here in New York City. Our public transportation has been out of commission since Sunday night, and the subways have just started running again today. Although cabin fever was starting to set in, I have to be thankful that our neighborhood was spared any terrible damage and we never lost our power. I have friends in other parts of the city who are moving temporarily into hotels while they wait for their electricity and water to be restored. And of course, seeing the horrific damage in parts of New Jersey and Queens is humbling — sometimes we forget how powerful Mother Nature is until something like this happens.

I’ve been working out of our apartment for the past few days, and really taking the opportunity to reset and take a deep breath. Sometimes the constant feeling that we have to be going somewhere or doing something is just too much stress to handle. Even though it’s annoying that I can’t just jump on a train and be somewhere else for a while, I’m enjoying the feeling of staying put, writing more, and having more time to prepare something good for dinner each night! I even bought a Cornish game hen to roast last night — more on how that panned out later!

Otherwise, I’ve passed the time not spent working by baking, revamping an old piece of furniture, and making some plans for our Thanksgiving dinner! Hope everyone made it through the storm safe and sound.



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5 responses to “Weathering the Storm

  1. Eric

    Your shot of the park looks a little …Shakey!? … perhaps a little PTS? …. And the discounted soggy taxi rides aren’t worth the savings unless you have rubber pants on!! 8 )

    • More like a result of an iPhone photo in the rain! Can’t imagine how devastating this will be for some of those cab drivers who will have to replace engines or whole cars 😦

  2. Stephanie

    Went for a walk downtown tonight to take a look at the damage and experience pure darkness in NYC. It was beyond humbling and scary at the same time. I took a flashlight with me, but I stumbled upon a local restaurant that was providing a free buffet for people in the neighborhood. There was hot chocolate and plenty of sandwiches for people walking home in the dark. It warmed my heart to be in such a scary place and see such kindness in this time of need. I had to walk by the apartment building that is missing it’s facade and I got goosebumps looking into what appeared to be a huge dollhouse. Furniture and decor all in place as if it was being showcased. In perfect livable condition except that the front and part of the ceiling were missing entirely. Workers were working in the dark to try and fix it. This city is simply amazing and I’m so glad to see that people can still be good, humane people in desperate times, unfortunately. Once you detach the cell phone from your ear, unplug the music and walk away from the television…people are only left with one option…talking to and meeting other people. Although devastating, this storm definitely has a silver lining as you have experienced in your culinary and home renovation challenges. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    • It’s so true — if nothing else, this city sure does know how to pull together during tough times like this. It’s nice to know that given the option to be greedy and self-serving or to help out others, New Yorkers generally choose the latter!

  3. lovely!

    X Jenny

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