Something Old, Something New {Friday}

{Something Old}

Last weekend was the perfect weekend for a picnic! It was probably one of the last weekends of the year warm enough to sit outside in the grass for an entire afternoon. I met up with some friends in the Sheep’s Meadow area of Central Park, and we each brought something to share — cheese and sausages, a savory tart, and some delicious eclairs for dessert! We thought about bringing a bottle of wine to sip on as well, but I’m glad we decided against it — there were park rangers writing up tickets for public drinking left and right on that day (I didn’t realize it was illegal)! I have many fond memories of sitting with friends in this spot and sharing food and good conversation (and wine — but don’t tell the park rangers!).

{Something New}

With the swift arrival of fall comes one of my favorite past times: cutting the tags off the new fall clothes that I’ve been slowly buying over the past few months! Today, I’m debuting my new pair of Frye Engineer boots which I bought in an attempt to be more practical this year. Even though our winter was mild last year, I still wore my ballet flats far too often resulting in chilly feet all the time. This year, I’ll be rocking my boots with pants and with dresses and tights!

Have a lovely weekend!

Top photo by Christopher Schoenbohm via Flickr


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