Recipe: Cauliflower Steak

If you’re looking for a good, hearty alternative to a big juicy steak, well… this recipe is probably not for you. I was intrigued by the idea of a “cauliflower steak,” so I had to test it out myself to see how the idea held up. The result wasn’t bad, but make no mistake — the shape of this dish is the only steak-like quality it has!

You start by slicing a full head of cauliflower into about four “steaks”. Then, you whip up a quick tomato sauce and a tapenade-style relish before browning your cauliflower steaks on the stove top and then baking them through in the oven. Assemble everything on a plate, and you’re good to go. I also topped mine with a crumble of feta cheese to give it a little creamy balance.

Overall, I enjoyed this as a hearty vegetarian dish. This is essentially a roasted cauliflower dish disguised by a clever name I did really enjoy the relish, and I think it would actually be nice on its own on a toasted piece of baguette! Let me know if you try this one and what you think!


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