Cardamom Macarons with Rose Buttercream

Last weekend, we got our first real snowfall in New York (well, if you don’t count that freak day of snow that we had way back in October)! I really love the way the city looks with fluffy flakes of snow falling, but when it turns to slush? Count me out. I’d rather stay inside than to trudge through puddles of dirty, half-melted snow. Unfortunately, that happens all too quickly here, so I spent my Saturday afternoon doing what I do best — baking macarons!

Voila — I give you the Cardamom Macaron with Rose Buttercream! Definitely one of my favorite flavors to date. Cardamom is one of those beautiful, warm spices that goes perfectly with a cup of tea. I’m testing out my recipes and trying to decide which flavor to teach at my very first Macaron Class in a few weeks! I decided to finally put my passion to the test and see how good I am at teaching others how to make these testy little cookies! I’m doing so through Skillshare, which is an awesome website where people who have hobbies that they want to share can set up a class and market it to people in their area! I’ve taken Skillshare classes in the past and have had a lot of fun, so I’m really eager to teach my own! My first class is totally sold out, but I have a feeling I’ll do this again since the response has been great!

Also pictured here are the rad nails that artist Naomi Yasuda did for me. I’ve been going to Naomi for a few years now when I want something fun on my nails, and she never disappoints! She uses Calgel, which is a soak-off UV gel that lasts for about 2 weeks on me. She works out of Hello Beautiful salon in Brooklyn a few days a week, so you can call there to make an appointment with her!



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3 responses to “Cardamom Macarons with Rose Buttercream

  1. ‘doing what I do best — baking macarons’
    I don’t think I will ever be able to say that…
    Lovely macs!

  2. Ooooo I must try to take a class but can’t in July…
    I would love to know when the one after that is
    merci carolg

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