Back on the horse

So… I’ve had quite the hiatus from this blog. Honestly, the holidays and life in general just sort of got in the way of things that I wanted to do, like blog. Sorry about that!

I’m planning to get back into the swing of things now, and so will leave you with this teaser: I received the most beautiful cookbooks for Christmas this year, and they were a complete and total surprise — recipes from none other than Ladurée! I didn’t even know these existed before I unwrapped them! There are separate books for Sweet and Savory dishes with lovely velvety covers, and they each come nestled in boxes that resemble the macaron boxes at Ladurée. I’ve already tested an eclair recipe that was pretty damn fantastic, so I’m very much looking forward to trying more and posting the results right here! Of course if you can’t wait for that, you could always pick up your own copies of the books as well… the Savory version seems to be pretty readily available, but the Sweet recipes are sold out at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, unless you want to pay $96 for a copy — yikes!


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