NYC Public Art: Flaming Cactus

Sometimes I think that New Yorkers are more amused by public art displays than the myriad of tourists you’ll find snapping pictures of them. I think that one of the most refreshing experiences is when you see something that has become routine to you in a different way — whether that means walking on the opposite side of the street than you normally do during your morning commute, or seeing something outrageous dropped into the middle of a neighborhood you frequent.

As you can imagine, I was utterly delighted when I rounded the corner off of Broadway on to East 8th Street and saw these lampposts festooned with neon colors. The exhibit is called “Flaming Cactus” and was installed by a group called ANIMUS Art. If you look closely, you’ll see that they are made up of what appear to be huge plastic zip-ties, but from far away they look like bizarre neon cacti! This definitely brought a smile to my face on an otherwise routine trip to Astor Place.


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One response to “NYC Public Art: Flaming Cactus

  1. Eric

    I Love to see that you are able to “See” and appreciate the simple out of the ordinary things that surround you. When you look down you see cast iron turtles under sidewalk grates . . . . and when you look up . . . .it’s Flaming Cactus! Bravo!!

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