Rose Iced Coffee

The first iced coffee of the season is so satisfying, isn’t it? We’re in high-season for iced coffees by now, but last weekend was the first time I had the chance to pick up my favorite rose iced coffee from a little shop called T-Magic near my apartment. I’ve definitely mentioned my obsession with all things rose-flavored here before, and this iced coffee is no exception — slightly sweet with a hint of floral, it’s a decadent treat for a lazy summer Saturday.

The only real undesirable thing about this is the $5 price tag, so I tried making my own version at home with rose water simple syrup (just mix equal parts sugar and rose water and bring to a boil for about a minute. Then let it cool before adding to the iced coffee!). It definitely wasn’t as good as the version from the shop, but I’m going to keep trying different methods to replicate it. I’ll report back if I find a better way!


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