Cilantro Turkey Burger Sliders

I’m definitely in one of my “uninspired” modes lately when it comes to cooking. With the weather finally staying (fairly) nice and more friends around to spend time with, the last thing I want to do is come home and turn on the oven. This has unfortunately resulted in a few too many nights of either a plain pasta or takeout meal — not good on the diet or the wallet. Last night, I turned to an old favorite recipe for a little salvation: turkey burger sliders.

Ground white or breast meat turkey is leaner than beef, and much lower in cholesterol (note: just “ground turkey” that includes dark meat isn’t much better… be sure that the package specifies what kind it is!). These sliders are also really quick and easy to make which is great when you hit a lazy streak like me! You can feel free to vary the recipe a bit depending on your taste. My boyfriend loves to throw some diced jalapenos into the patties before they’re cooked, while I prefer mine as-is with a few slices of avocado on top.


1lb ground turkey breast (or white turkey meat)

1 medium onion (red or white) finely chopped

1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

8 mini slider buns (I recommend the ones from Trader Joe’s!)

1. Combine turkey meat, onion and cilantro. Mix until evenly distributed.

2. Form 8 mini-patties. Note that ground turkey is very sticky and not easy to work with like ground beef. The patties don’t need to be perfectly flattened at this point.

3. Heat a non-stick grill pan over medium heat. Cook patties for about 8 minutes, flipping and flattening them with a spatula a few times.

4. Serve on mini slider buns with condiments of choice!


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  1. MMMMM… hungry now!

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