Hell’s Kitchen International Food Festival

The real sign that summer is fast approaching in New York City is the return of street festivals. During the warmer months, it’s nearly impossible not to run into a street festival on any given weekend. This past weekend was the International Food Festival in Hell’s Kitchen, so my boyfriend and I decided to stop by and see what there was to choose from. Hell’s Kitchen is one of the biggest foodie neighborhoods, so it was really nice to see that many of the restaurants that line 9th Avenue decided to join in on the festival fun and pitch tents offering specials for the day.

One of my favorite restaurants, Eatery, was serving an Asian Chicken Salad complete with takeout box and chopsticks. I’ve NEVER had a bad meal at Eatery, and this salad was no exception. It was definitely a welcome break from all of the fried food that festivals tend to offer.

Frank went with a good old-fashioned falafel that was topped with a slice of grilled eggplant, hot sauce and yogurt sauce.

We also sampled a mozzarella arepa, which is a corn cake filled with cheese. It was alright, but I’d honestly say that the ones I make at home are better!

Finally, I tried this guava and mozzarella empanada (aka Romeo and Juliet) from another restaurant called Empanada Mama. This was such a delicious dessert-like empanada! I’ve never been to the restaurant itself, but now I’m intrigued!

I also had a terrible strawberry and Nutella crepe that wasn’t worthy of a picture… I’ve found that the crepes at street festivals are almost never worth it — the crepe is usually rubbery and soggy, and the fruit is never fresh. My favorite crepe place is a little gem in SoHo called Vive la Crepe. Try that one instead!


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