Easter Dinner

This year, Easter was more exciting than usual for me — my family decided to come down to New York and hold our celebrations at my apartment. Yep, that’s right! I hosted this year. My mom usually hosts every holiday, so she was particularly excited that someone else was taking the reins for once. It wasn’t a very big crowd; just my mom, step-dad, sister, and a friend who was visiting from Europe. On the menu? We started the morning with coffee and palmiers. Then in the afternoon, we had a delicious appetizer that my mom brought of fresh chopped lobster, avocado, red onion, and watercress in a tangy dressing. Dinner was lamb with a dried cherry and port sauce, along with Israeli couscous with asparagus and peas, plus a glazed carrot recipe that used to be my grandfather’s recipe.

Of course we didn’t scrimp on dessert either! I taught my sister how to make macarons, and together we whipped up a batch of strawberry with vanilla buttercream and one of lemon curd-filled vanilla cookies. My mom also brought an amazing lemongrass and ginger creme brulee, which unfortunately we didn’t snap any pictures of before we devoured it. Then of course, there was the chocolate that my Swiss friend never fails to bring with him when he visits.

I think the dinner was a huge success, especially given that my one square of counter space in my kitchen measures approximately 2 feet x 3 feet — not a lot of space to work with! Imagine if I had a regular-sized kitchen… oh, the possibilities!

** All of these photos were taken by my sweet little sister, who properly documented my first holiday as I ran around the kitchen like a maniac. Thanks, Stephi!**


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