Palmiers (Angel Wings)

If these little pastries came with a disclaimer, it would read: “Warning. Do not make when home alone.” Unfortunately, I did not take this into consideration, and subsequently I ended up eating nearly the entire batch of these flaky treats. Let me point out that there is a stick and a half of butter in one batch of palmiers, so I’ll be hitting the gym extra hard this week.

I’ve always liked Palmiers (or elephant ears, or angel wings, or whatever name you call them by), but it wasn’t until recently that I had a really good one from Balthazar. It got me thinking about making them at home, and so I started looking up recipes. Most of the recipes that I found online suggested using store-bought frozen puff pastry. However, anyone who knows me knows that I’m more of the “take the long route” kind of girl, so I found this recipe for a completely homemade pastry dough.

The dough itself was very easy to make. You grate frozen butter into the flour and salt mixture and then add a little water. The real challenge of this recipe is the amount of time it takes — about 5 hours start to finish. After your dough is made, you then have to roll it out, fold it and chill it about 4 times which ends up being time consuming. The end product is totally worth it though! These guys are perfectly flaky and buttery, which makes a nice pairing with a good cup of coffee or tea.

Most of mine came out great, with the exception of a few burned ones when I got distracted by the TV and lost track of oven time (damn you, Juno, and your offbeat musings about teen pregnancy). I should also note that I have no idea why this recipe says that it yields 6 dozen cookies… I got 2 dozen out of my batch.



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2 responses to “Palmiers (Angel Wings)

  1. Eric

    You had me at . . . “a stick and a half of butter into the flour and salt mixture!” and where the heck did that extra 4 dozen cookies go anyway? 8 )

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