The Opposite of Winter Blahs

Every morning when I eagerly check the weather report, the temperature seems to slowly creep upwards, only to plummet back down a few days later. Maybe it’s because this winter has been so depressingly long that every store front seems to be filled with color for spring. I love that we’re skipping right over the soft, girly pastels and jumping right into screaming neons and fun brights that are reminiscent of the hot beachy weather we wish we were having (note: this post can not be used against me in July when I’m breaking out in heat rash and complaining about how f%$&*#@ hot NYC is during the summer).

This great asymmetric top from Zara has been calling to me since the first day that I laid eyes on it. The cut is so chic, and it literally provides a blank canvas for anything else you want to layer with it.

Also from Zara, these shockingly bright trousers are tailored enough to wear to work, but fun enough for the weekend too. If this doesn’t scream “sunshine” to you, I’m not sure what will.

I love the punchy color blocking on this Nine West bag. This is a great option if you want a trendy and colorful bag without spending a fortune on a leather one (yes, we all know how I feel about faux-leather, but sometimes you gotta be thrifty!)

What are you adding to your spring wardrobe to shake the winter blahs?



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2 responses to “The Opposite of Winter Blahs

  1. I love Zara’s bright new spring collection, especially their cute neon pants! πŸ™‚

    The Cat Hag

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