Thinking of Japan

I was shocked and saddened at the news of Japan’s massive earthquake when I woke up this morning. Of course this disaster is as terrible as any of the many natural disasters that our world has faced over the past few years, but this one hits an emotional ch0rd for me as I have many friends there (most of whom I’ve confirmed are safe!), and a real appreciation for the people there in general. I studied in Japan during a summer six years ago, and the people I encountered there welcomed my slightly scared and inexperienced 17-year-old self with open arms.

I enjoyed Nicholas Kristof’s op-ed today, which talks about the incredible way in which the Japanese people are part of  a strong “social fabric” that keeps them together during times of crisis like this. I sincerely hope that this is what we see coming out of reports in the coming days and weeks as the country tries to pull itself back together.

And so, to everyone in Japan: ganbatte kudasai!


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