Chelsea Market

Sometimes you really need a long weekend, and I felt that this past one was completely deserved. Not that it’s been that long since the holidays gave us some time off, but those days tend not to be terribly relaxing. On Sunday, I took a long-overdue trip down to one of my favorite foodie havens: Chelsea Market. I was in search of some loaf pans so that I could test out the dough hook on my brand-new KitchenAid mixer (a Christmas gift from my boyfriend!). Chelsea Market has a great kitchen supply store that stocks pretty much any kind of pot, pan, utensil or gadget that you could ever need in your kitchen.

Chelsea Market is set in the original NBC building — and no, that’s not NBC as in the television network. It’s actually the National Biscuit Company, aka the creator of Oreos and Mallomars! The building is teeming with charm and history, from the exterior which has gone largely untouched to the interior that mixes the functionality of retail space with true artistry.

And that’s not even to mention THE FOOD! So many tasty bakeries and specialty shops to choose from, it can really make your head spin. I’d highly suggest a visit to any foodie — The Food Network offices are also up above the retail space, so who knows? Maybe if you’re lucky a producer will sense your culinary talent as you browse spices at the Thai Market.



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2 responses to “Chelsea Market

  1. This sounds amazing!!! I’m going to NYC in September and I will have to put this on my list of to dos!


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