In the New Year

2010 was a pretty great year overall for me — I saw many of my goals come to fruition, spent some quality time with my family and friends, and got to try on a “magnificent specimen” of a mustache (and if that doesn’t make a fantastic year — well, friends… I don’t know what does).

I’ve never really been one for resolutions, but after having a successful 2010, I want to continue that trend in 2011. Here’s what I’m looking to accomplish this year:

1. Blog more. I love having a venue for expression, and I’m really going to work at keeping this thing updated with tasty recipes and fun photos all year.

2. Make our spare bedroom functional. Roomie and I pay a pretty unbelievable price for a three bedroom apartment in New York, but until now we haven’t made great use of our spare room — what’s the use? It’s my goal to turn it into a functional guest room/dressing room/hang out room/etc. this year (suggestions on how to use a teeny-tiny spare room are welcomed!).

3. Master a new yoga pose. Fortunately, I already have a decent diet and exercise regime so I don’t need to re-motivate myself on that front. I do yoga at least twice a week, and I’d love to work on a new inversion, like a forearm stand!

4. Sew more often. I used to sew in high school, but cramped dorm rooms forced me to go on hiatus during college. I made one skirt recently that posed a number of challenges because I’m a little out of practice… not only do you get new clothes when you sew, but I’m also convinced that it sharpens your critical thinking skills (and forces you to exercise patience from time to time!)

5. Save more money to travel. I’m so fortunate to be employed and to work a job that I love, but the reality of student loan payments is still hitting me hard. I’m tightening up my budget wherever I can to save money for travel this year — it’s no secret that travel is a passion of mine, but there is no way around the fact that it is just plain expensive! I’m making a conscious effort to cross at least one destination off of my travel dream list this year.

6. Make more “me” time. Sometimes I think that my life is similar to that of a 9-year-old with parents who force him to play every sport and practice every instrument — I’m terribly over-scheduled. I like to structure my time in order to get a lot accomplished, but this year I’m going to make it a point to schedule at least one block of “nothing” time into each week. You know, so I can read a book, or go shopping, or even update this blog!

What are your goals this year?


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