Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

As I type this, it is SNOWING in New York City! Since I grew up in New England I’m really not a stranger to snow, but it is still a little bit exciting to watch the first snowfall (from inside my apartment with hot chocolate in hand, of course). However, on my way home tonight I realized that the arrival of snow means that my ears will promptly begin freezing every time I leave my apartment. This wouldn’t be such a problem if not for one, tiny detail: I HATE hats.

My poor boyfriend has been lovingly trying to purchase a hat for me for years, insisting that he’ll pay for whatever hat I want (within reason) as long as I keep my head covered and protected from the elements. Every year, I refuse after deciding once again that hats look awful on me. Well folks, this might be the year that I finally give in and get a hat. My ears were freezing a little too much for my liking this evening, so I present to you Kristen’s List of Possibly Acceptable Hat Options for Winter 2010-2011:

Asos Knitted Turban ($24.14) — I really love the idea of a turban-style hat, and this one looks cozy, is affordable, and isn’t an in-your-face fortune teller turban.

Catarzi Felt Floppy Hat ($51.72) — So I’m not sure how warm this would keep my ears, but they do say that most of the heat in your body escapes through your head, and that’s covered! I really just love the sophisticated look of a real hat like this one!

Michael Kors Pyramid-Stud Earmuffs ($48) — I’ve never owned a pair of earmuffs, but I’ve been thinking about them seriously since one of my biggest gripes about hats is the hair-messing factor. Also, earmuffs often look sort of generic or boring to me, but I’m really loving the studs that give these a little bit of personality!

Any suggestions for functional-yet-cute hats? Let me know!



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3 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. not feeling the first….unless youre miss cleo (she still around?)
    second is cute, but not much for the ears

    i like the muffs

  2. it’s supposed to snow in atlanta on xmas day for the first time in EVER…
    of course i’ll miss it.
    and i need to wear more hats like these…
    ps–enter my giveaway

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