Hanging Out

I’m lucky to have a lot of creative people in my life. One person who seems to have an endless flow of creativity (and craftiness!) is my boyfriend’s mom. Way back in high school (yes, we’ve been together since then!), she made my corsages for dances and the prom. They were much prettier and more unique than anything that anybody else had! Recently when I complained that I had nowhere to hang my large collection of handbags, she offered up another crafty solution: fork hangers!

The concept is simple, but I would’ve never thought of it on my own. She’s been making them for a few months now in varying lengths and styles and she was sweet enough to make one for me as well! I love that it gets my favorite bags off of the floor and out of cramped boxes while also paying homage to my love of cooking and eating! These forks came from my boyfriend’s grandmother’s house too, which I find sort of cool.




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4 responses to “Hanging Out

  1. wow thats so brilliant xxxxx

  2. That is the coolest thing, I never would’ve thought to make hangers out of forks! Brilliant!

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