Test Kitchen: Samosas

A few months ago, my roommate and I started watching a new show on Food Network called Aarti Party. Aarti won The Next Food Network Star competition, and now she uses her show to teach people how to cook Indian dishes — something that I don’t think Food Network has really done before. I love Indian food, but I’d never even thought about making it myself. This week when I had some time to experiment, I made Aarti’s recipe for baked samosas (a flaky pastry filled with a spicy potato, mango and meat mixture) with mint chutney.

I was really happy with how easy these were to make and how impressive they look and taste. The original recipe calls for shredded chicken in the filling, but I felt like some ground lamb would be a great partner to the mint chutney so I used it instead. You can make your own pastry dough, but Aarti suggests using frozen pastry sheets (which is what I did!) to save time. All you have to do is roll out the pastry into circles, fill them with the potato mixture, and bake them for 20 minutes! You can see that I filled a few of them a bit too full, but they tasted great all the same! I’ll definitely be making these again soon — they are perfect for those nights when you aren’t quite hungry enough for a full meal but you need a substantial snack to fill you up. I’m sure they’d also make a great hors d’oeuvre if you’re having guests over!


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