The Red Lipstick Factor

On a recent trip to Sephora, I tried on one of their Rouge Cream lipsticks in a pretty red-orange color called “It Girl”. Although I’m not usually a lipstick type of girl, I bought it determined to push my comfort zone a little. The result so far? Fantastic!

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Poppy King, aka the founder of Lipstick Queen. Something that Poppy said that really resonated with me was that lipstick can be worn casually. “I can do casual,” I thought to myself. So I pulled on a pair of jeans, gave myself a swipe of crimson across my lips and headed to the most casual destination of all: the grocery store. I have to admit… I felt a little silly the first time I did my grocery shopping in red lipstick, but it helped me to ease into the idea and sort of just forget that I was wearing it at all.

Now, why would  I want to forget about it? Mainly because I was deathly afraid of smudging it all over my face and looking like a clown (which is, in reality, difficult to do without noticing). So what’s the benefit to this silly exercise? To some women, lipstick seems like a thing of the past. Poppy even told me that she hated how patronizing the marketing campaigns for lipstick were to women. My personal goal was to just do something different, fun, and bold. The thing is — people notice when you are wearing lipstick, and it is sort of a bold statement, especially when you have pasty white skin like I do! While out shopping I often get compliments about my lip color, and shopping for cosmetics is a little more fun when the salesgirl says “You’re obviously not afraid of color, so let’s try this!” Yep, that’s right, I’m not afraid!

This past weekend I was running errands and dropped into a brow salon to get my crazed eyebrows threaded. The woman smiled at me and said, “your lips look so pretty today!” My eyes may have been watering from the pain of having my eyebrow hairs ripped out one-by-one, but damn my lips looked good!



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3 responses to “The Red Lipstick Factor

  1. It’s definitely a gorgeous color on you – I can see why you stopped people in their tracks!

  2. F/M

    ain’t nothing red lipstick can’t fix!

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