Good Vibes

As I was leafing through my Time Out New York magazine this evening, as is my weekly ritual, I came across this image in the fall fashion feature. I’ve got to admit that the dress and jacket combo aren’t really tickling my fancy, but what caught me was the scarf — I’d recognize it anywhere! It was designed by a super-cool Danish designer named Vibe Johansson.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Vibe for MOCK Magazine a few months ago (you can read the article on pages 44-47, here). In addition to being a very nice person to talk to, Vibe has a really great eye for design and she plays a lot with textures, which I think is key for fall. I love the look of this AMAZING leather jacket paired with the soft, versatile scarf:

Vibe’s line is quickly making its way into US retailers, so check out the list of locations to find out where to nab some for yourself!



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