Meet MAC, My New Best Friend

A few weeks ago, handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff announced a really cool giveaway in New York City called Jack a MAC. The prizes were 10 of her signature Morning After Clutches (MACs), and each one would be given away at one of her favorite places in the city. Her team just so happened to tweet the location of this bag while I was nearby, and I ran to claim it!

Needless to say, I was thrilled to find out that I got the bag (above, hanging out with my books), but weeks later it has turned out to be sort of life-changing. I’m one of those huge tote bag people who ends up schlepping my life around with me on my shoulder (see picture of me and former huge bag in front of Isabel Marant below, from Minkette). Like, to the point where if I got lost in the woods I’d probably have the resources to live for a little while. But I live in Manhattan, so really the only result of lugging all that stuff around was a sore shoulder and back. Not cool.

When I first got the MAC, I thought I’d only use it for nights when I was going out and only needed a wallet and keys. Boy, was I wrong! I use it every day. It fits not only my wallet, but also my keys, my Kindle, two cell phones, my powder compact and some chapstick. Which is PLENTY! Plus, now my arm doesn’t feel like it is going to fall off after a long day of running around!

I’m in love with the little details on this bag — from the long leather pulls on the zippers to the pretty gold feet on the bottom of the bag, everything is so classic yet pulled together with subtly cool details. So, THANK YOU Rebecca Minkoff!


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