Lazy Weekends

I’m always out and about, running around like a crazy person. During the week I’m busy with work, keeping up at the gym and getting together with friends in the evening. I often travel on the weekends, or I end up making plans that fill up all my time. While I’m grateful to have so much time with friends and family, sometimes I need a weekend of nothing to balance it all out. That would be what this weekend was all about!

I woke up on Saturday to the giddy feeling that I had absolutely nothing to get up for. I grabbed a coffee and set off for a nice long walk in my neighborhood, stopping to get a manicure on the way! Of course since I am awful at maintaining manis, my Essie Chinchilly is now helplessly chipped. This is why I can’t have nice things.

After I made a simple but delicious dinner, I popped in a movie for background noise and got to making some really tasty little chocolate cakes with coffee creme anglaise (another Self recipe! I’m on a roll with these!). Since this was my lazy weekend, I didn’t take pictures of them. Instead, I took pictures of the leftover Ghirardelli chocolate. Before I ate that too.

After doing a little bit of housework today, I sat back to enjoy being cozy inside while it rained outside. A bowl of popcorn and a long-overdue date with my Kindle made me a very happy lady.



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2 responses to “Lazy Weekends

  1. Ah the Kindle. How I love it so 🙂

    • Kristen

      Agreed! I still think that there is nothing like holding an actual paper book in your hand, but for having a ton of books in a compact device, the Kindle is just awesome.

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