Tomato-Watermelon Soup and Beef & Artichoke Wraps

Sometimes you end up finding the best recipes in the strangest places. Somehow I ended up on Self magazine’s mailing list a while ago, and sometimes I really love the recipes they put out. This week I was fed up with the heat, so instead of cooking dinner I opted for a no-cook meal that I saw in their newsletter: Tomato-Watermelon Soup with Beef & Artichoke Lettuce Wraps.

The soup was incredible and SO easy to make. The secret to giving it a little bit of substance is ground almonds, which end up giving the soup more body than you’d expect. This recipe couldn’t be easier — literally toss the ingredients in a food processor and then top with feta cheese and mint for a little bit of tang.

I wasn’t quite as crazy for the lettuce wraps… they were a little too cold for me — I like lettuce wraps to have a bit of contrast in them (i.e. cold lettuce, warm filling), so the fact that everything was cool was a bit boring. It was a nice relief to have an oven-less meal for once though!



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2 responses to “Tomato-Watermelon Soup and Beef & Artichoke Wraps

  1. That looks delish!! lovely blog by the way.

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