Brunch in Long Island City

This weekend was really busy, but my roommate and I took the morning on Sunday to head out to Long Island City for brunch with a friend.

I had never been out to LIC before, but I was glad that we went to visit! We took the 7 train just one stop out of the city (to Vernon Blvd/ Jackson Ave), and it seemed like a different city altogether. This part of Queens has been touted as the next hip neighborhood in the 5 boroughs, and I can see why. It still has a distinctive city feel to it, but it is really quiet and residential with a lot of parks and public gardens. We took a walk out to the pier after brunch to enjoy a little breeze off of the water, and I thought that the surrounding park was really cool. It reminded me a little bit of the Highline because of the train tracks that are still interspersed randomly in the grass, but this park is much larger and sits on the East River!

The restaurant we brunched at is called Tournesol , by the way. They had this adorable little car out front — not sure if they use it for deliveries or if they just keep it there because it is kitschy and cute. The food was really good, and I ordered a nice big mug of cafe au lait to go with my French toast. They gave me such huge pieces of bread that were just soaked through with the egg mixture, making them really filling. Luckily, the toast was served with delicious fresh fruit on the side which clearly makes up for the fact that I ate my weight in bread and eggs. The best thing about the place is that it is run by Europeans who don’t rush you out of the restaurant as soon as you take your last bite of food. Actually, I think they would have let us sit there all day if we hadn’t asked for the check. That was fine with me though — nothing I love better than brunch on a lazy Sunday!


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