More Macaron, S’il Vous Plaît!

This weekend was the Bastille Day festival run by the FIAF. As corny as it may be, I always love to walk around and take in all of the exaggerated Frenchi-ness just for kicks. This year we even tried the wine and cheese tasting, which turned out to be sort of fun but really crowded! I couldn’t tell if the room was a little smelly because of all the people or because of all the cheese. Maybe it was a combination of both!

I’ve noticed lately that the macaron is getting an awful lot of attention — sort of like the cupcake over the past few years. Quietly, they keep showing up everywhere and Bastille Day was no exception! Two macaron vendors were present at the event — Mad Mac and Macaron Cafe. While I can’t vouch for the quality of Mad Mac’s tiny delicacies (they were sold out of all the flavors I was interested in), they did have this entertaining macaron tree on display!

I bought three macar0ns from Macaron Cafe, and I was pretty impressed. The espresso was delicious and the cassis was delightfully tangy and tart. My favorite was a rose-lychee combination — it isn’t often that we get rose flavored sweets here in the U.S., but I’d recommend them to anyone! The flavor is really delicate and very subtly floral. Combined with the super-sweet flavor of lychee fruit, this was a winner for me! I wish I took pictures of those macarons, but unfortunately I was very hungry and it started raining so I just ate!

I have made macarons in my own kitchen before, but I won’t be able to do it again until the weather cools down — humidity does not a good macaron make! Until then, I’ll cringe and pay $2.50 for each little sweet that I want to try.


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