Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sometimes it scares me a little that everything is going so digital. While I do enjoy blogging and I love my Kindle, there is something to be said for doing things the old-fashioned way with paper. I’m lucky enough to still have some friends who enjoy exchanging paper letters once in a while as opposed to just emailing or texting all of the time — those kinds of correspondences are special not only because of the time and effort it takes to write them, but also because they are more interesting visually.

I’ve been collecting stationery for a long time, and I thought I’d share some of my collection. I really enjoy some of the sets from Chronicle Books, and I’ve had loads of their stationery in the past that I’ve sent off to friends around the world.

The paper to the far left in this photo is a random set of Japanese paper that I got a while ago, and all the others are from Chronicle Book sets.

This set came from a very cool shop in Florence, Italy called Il Papiro. I didn’t buy too much when I was there, but I knew I had to have some Italian paper to bring home with me. The design features tiny pink buds surrounded by leaves and thin twigs embossed in gold. I save this paper for special letters — isn’t it beautiful?


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