Make Me Over: Apartment Edition

Slowly but surely my new apartment is taking shape. Furnishing and decorating is  far more time consuming and costly than I ever imagined possible, but each week things feel a little more settled. We also have a relatively small space that we’re working with, so that poses its own challenges as well. Here’s a shot of my bedroom before we moved in.

And here’s what it looks like now. We just got real shades up the other day so the paper ones are no more, but I’m still on the hunt for curtains. I’m happy with the bedding though — it’s fun enough that it doesn’t look like a Laura Ashley design but sophisticated enough that it doesn’t remind me of my college dorm room!

My new goal for this apartment is to keep clutter to a minimum. Laugh all you want… I know that this is the goal everyone has and then subsequently ignores. I’m really serious about it this time though. Clutter stresses me out and I don’t want it in my life! Especially when my life has to fit in a few hundred square feet. Instead of piling my things on top of my dresser, I found drawer space for ugly things like deodorant and contact cases. Instead, I keep a few pretty perfume bottles and a candle on this simple Liberty of London for Target tray.

Any good tips for keeping your place clutter-free?


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