New York City’s Turtle Infestation

Something that I have always loved about living in New York are the times when you see something completely unexpected. It can be as simple as a beautiful arrangement of flowers around the base of a tree in the middle of a sidewalk or an incredible mural in an alleyway, or it can be a bit more bizarre — take my knack for finding turtles.

Ok, so they aren’t real turtles. But twice now I have discovered turtles sculptures in odd places. I found this guy inside a sewer grate a few years ago. I wish I remember exactly where it was, but I can’t! I think it was somewhere on a side street down in SoHo.

Then last week I was sort of wandering around my new neighborhood on the Upper West Side when I spotted this guy chained down in an alley! I’m not sure if the owners were worried that he would  be stolen or that he’d run away, but I wish I could take him home with me!


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